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About Us

Commodity Indonesia is Trading Company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are part of Mitchee Group exported the best Indonesia product throughout the world. We dedicated to always bringing the best products to our distribution partners. This is why we have gone to great lengths, over the years, to always partner with the best and most well-known product manufacturers in the industry.

We also believe that with FMCGs in general, the wider our product range is, the more our partners can benefit from us. This is also why we have expanded our catalog over the years to include anything from food items to personal care and home care as well.

Why Choose Us?


We selecting price points for your products based on quantity & quality of the product. The more quantity you order , the cheaper a product price will be.


we have exported to more than 40 countries. We always try our best to be able to reach and serve more countries so that more people can enjoy Indonesian products at affordable prices.


we have an experienced to cover all supply chain from factory to order fulfillment to any countries in the world.


We supply some of the leading brands in Indonesia

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